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I am Jo, so nice to "meet" you! :)

A little about me, I am a New "Joisey" native, born and raised. I live at the Jersey shore where the bay is my backyard and the ocean is just a tiny three blocks away from my front door. :)

I'm a gemini so I have the ying and the yang type personalities, I'm Italian, so I am feisty but I also have a heart of gold. I am a child of Christ, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and I'm an amazing mom to my beautiful daughter Gianna and to my handsome son Anthony. I am blessed to have an amazing partner in life, my best friend, my soulmate and love of my life, to continue going through this journey by my side. And then I have Stampin' Up!, a company that I have grown to love and love all the joy and friendships it brings me. 

If you want to read on from this point, I'll warn ya, it's LONG. But well worth the read because I know that somewhere in my truth, you will discover  some of your truth too. :)

When I first took that leap into the crafting industry, I spent many hours reading blogs and learning about all the newest "trends" in the crafting world and because everyone else had it, I had to "have" it too! I spent hundreds of dollars on all types of papers and supplies and then guess what? I ended up hating some of it! The paper was flimsy. Some of the adhesives weren't strong enough to hold anything. So long story short and hundreds of dollars down the drain, I was fed up with "crafting" in general.
Then one day while reading a blog, I came across the words, "Stampin' Up". And I saw some paper that was used to create a pretty card on that same blog and so I clicked the link on that blog and WaLa! I was brought to Stampin' Up's website. I did my homework this time around before I jumped in! And I saw so many amazing reviews especially about the cardstock, paper and inks. 

So I purchased my first few ink pads and matching cardstock. A couple of stamp sets that I thought were awesome. My box arrived and I was in LOVE! And the reason I fell in love with Stampin' Up in just one word: "QUALITY". 

I was finally getting the BEST QUALITY products for my hard earned money. I became a regular Stampin' Up customer for many years and built up my collection of ink pads and cardstocks. The cardstock is the best that I have ever come across and perfect for card making!

After a few years of being a customer, I was approached by my Stampin' Up demonstrator and was asked if I would like to join and become my own independent demonstrator. I could save money with the discount, continue to build up my inventory and have the ability to make new friends, teach those friends how to make pretty things too! And make extra cash for doing what I already LOVE! PERFECT! The rest is history friends! :)

Being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator is so rewarding. I get to do what I love, and love what I do.  I am able to be a creative coach and help inspire, motivate and teach others, while offering new project ideas, new products and special promotions and savings to my customers and friends!!!

Being able to help others, gives me such an amazing feeling and it truly is so rewarding. Being able to preserve our memories through scrapbooks and make pretty things such as cards, home decor and gift items is more than just putting ink and stamps to paper. It is about taking a piece of your heart into your hands and adding a personal touch to a one-of-a-kind pretty handmade project (made by YOU) that will become a heartfelt treasure to someone you love and hold near and dear to your heart. 

So my friends, this is my story and why I chose Stampin' Up as my business. I want to share it with you and help you achieve the same satisfaction, excitement, opportunities, savings and QUALITY products that I have been blessed to experience first hand. :)

So what'cha waiting for? Email me or click "Join my Team" at the top of my site and  let's get you started on your Stampin' Up! journey! 

All my love with all my heART heart

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