Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Quick Apology!

Hello my sweet friends,

I had to come on here and send this quick note to say I'm sorry! I was kind of wondering why I was not getting any comments on my posts. I figured that not too many people know of my blog just yet and that had to be it. But then I also knew, that I had very loyal customers and friends following me and that got me thinking. I know those people would never just not say anything. So I poked around and YEP! I found that Blogger was literally BLOCKING all of my comments that were coming in!!! I don't know why that happened.

So me being who I am, I contacted Blogger to find out why that was happening. I was told by their representative "Antoine", that they have been experiencing this issue  on some accounts since September! Well gosh I am so happy that my brain was working this week to have made the connection about not having any comments! I would never have known otherwise and you all would have felt neglected! So for the time it's been that you all have been leaving me comments and have not heard from me, I AM SORRY!!!.

Once Blogger fixed the issue for me, there I saw all my comments waiting for me! Some going back to before the Holidays. I feel horrible!! So for those of you who are new to following my blog and business who asked me to follow your blogs, I WILL! I'm a huge fan in following people because afterall, we all need each other in this community. Whether it's to inspire each other, lift each other up, leave words of encouragement and support on our project posts or just passing along a great sale or promotion! So I will be paying a visit to those of you who have left me your blog information. :)
For everyone else who left messages and comments, thank you! I appreciate them greatly! Now that everything is fixed, I am super HAPPY to be able to bring you more inspiration and great products by Stampin' Up! Please if you can, make sure you are all subscribed to my social media platforms as well ( you can find those icons at the top right side bar) and spread the word about my blog so I can continue to inspire people. Having people stopping by and seeing new faces is what motivates me to do more and to do better!!! :)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!
All my love <3

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